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HEY SO IT’S KIND OF BEEN TWO MONTHS SINCE I’VE LAST LOGGED ON HERE IN TERMS OF ROLEPLAYING. I’m not sure when or if I’ll ever come back to Michael. I’m thinking about it, but if I do (and there’s not a very big chance), it’ll probably be private and only to roleplay with some people (cough raine cough).

Between college and trying to find a job and another RP blog, I don’t think this blog will be very active.

Sorry to everyone and thank you everyone so much for sticking with me this far - whether it’s been the entire time or only a short while! I’ve honestly had a blast playing Mogar. A lot of memories, a lot of fun times (and crazy times, specifically in the early morning where I didn’t go to sleep in time lmao) and some friendships that I treasure and value deeply (RAINE && B).

I’ll be making another post soon once I figure out whether to continue playing Mogar or not, but you can find me over on STEVE / CAP where I’ve been on these past few weeks if you want to talk to me / message me / rp with me.

militusx replied to your post: logs on here after 1000000 years pass

what the fuck is that tag

the truth y cant handle it B|


Achievement Hunter (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

logs on here after 1000000 years pass


so i just got back from my dentist appointment over in manhattan

and imagine my surprise when i’m taking the subway back to jamaica to get back home and i see a dude with an x-ray shirt

of all the places, that was where i was least expecting it wow


Commission for Suchararity

Achievement Hunter Accepts The Ice Bucket Challenge


Pffft. You really thought that'd work? 

❛ What the fuck is that? 

things i will never stop loving in my lifetime → fettuccine alfredo